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As chair of Atherton's Environmental Programs Committee, I have worked closely with the current City Council and am honored to have their support for my campaign. These congenial working relationships will support a harmonious council. 

The list below is in progress! If you would like to add your name, please visit my Get Involved page.

City Council

Rick DeGolia - Atherton Mayor

Bill Widmer - Atherton Vice Mayor

Elizabeth Lewis - Atherton City Council, Former Mayor

Diana Hawkins-Manuelian - Atherton City Council 


San Mateo County Democratic Party​

Sierra Club California

Peninsula Young Democrats

Evolve California

San Mateo County Firefighters Local 2400

Peninsula DOG PAC Green Paw of Support


Anna Eshoo - US Congress

Josh Becker - District 13 State Senator

Marc Berman - 24th District Assemblymember, California State Assembly

Francesca Segrè - Trustee, Menlo Park School District

Steve Westly - former State Controller of California

Rich Gordon - former Assemblymember, California State Assembly

Joan Lambert - former Trustee, Menlo Park School District


Emily Conn - former chair, Environmental Programs Committee

Valerie Gardner - former chair, Environmental Programs Committee

Paul Quinlan - former Planning Commissioner

Julie Quinlan - former member, Rail Commission

Scott & Lisa Dettmer

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