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Stacy Miles Holland for Atherton


I love Atherton - it is a dream to raise my family here. I am running for City Council for my toddler: I am a mother fighting to preserve and enhance Atherton’s quality of life for decades to come. Atherton should plan for the future our children deserve: we should invest in our public spaces while prioritizing sustainability, safety and community. 


Climate change is the biggest threat to our town. While our neighboring cities are setting ambitious climate goals, Atherton is not on pace to hit its state-mandated 2030 emission reduction target. Atherton can and should do more. As Chair of Atherton’s Environmental Programs Committee, I know what steps the Town can take, and how delayed action would impact Atherton and the planet. 


Many of our busier streets are unsafe for pedestrians and bicyclists, particularly for children or the disabled. We should invest in bike lanes, crosswalks and pedestrian walkways. 


Most residents are unaware of the Town’s many excellent services or of ways to get more involved. As a 15+ year communications professional, I will prioritize modernizing Atherton’s communication channels to increase transparency and accessibility. 


If elected, you can count on me to be forward-looking, thoughtful and accessible.

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